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What Our Attendees Said in 2024

I've had a great time at The Hawaiian Dental Seminar with all the speakers. It's always been a fun, relaxed seminar with THE BEST subjects for the general dentist!

– James Penfield, DDS, Anchorage, Alaska

This was my first meeting, and I did not know what to expect.  I was very happy at the quality of the speakers and the material- will definitely return!

– Aaron Verbarg, DDS, Phoenix, AZ

The fact that I can get TOP-QUALITY CE in such a beautiful and amazing location is unbeatable. Loved it.

– Andrew Mohlman, DDS, Kennewic, WA

Incredible Location & High Quality Speakers- already looking forward to attending again!

– Hank WIllis, DDS, Bonners, ID

This is my second time.  I'll be back! Great speakers and excellent venues!

– Jayson Tsuchiya, DDS, Sunnyvale, CA

Extremely well organized, accomodating management.  Nice variety of topics & speakers delivering relevant content in a comfortable & casual space condusive to learning.

– Chalsey Nelson, DDS, Edina MN

Second year in a row coming- both years the course was great!

– Robert Quaintance,DDS, Phoenix, AZ

Excellent program & format! (13th year attending)

– Charlie Hsieh, DDS, Orange, CA

The best dental continuing education, in one of the most revitalizing places in the world!!

– Brad Piimi, DDS, Fremont, CA

This CE series was helpful & a lot of fun!

– Makinzee Thomas, DDS Silverdale, WA

I googled "Hawaii CE 2023" and found the program, or I would have come in the past- I will be back again!

– Bart Roach, DDS, Kennewic, WA

Wonderful Seminar...Great Speakers! Enjoyed the schedule & hotel

– Nicole Kott, DDS, Lombard, IL
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