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What Our Attendees Said in 2018

As always, best location with best CE.  I try to attend this conference every year- strongly recommended!

– Dr. Dan Dorman, Lapeer, MI

If you go to one CE seminar a year, make it this one!

– Dr. Francis Kelly, Whitmore Lake, MI

This is a favorite meeting to attend, both for location and content. Keep up the great work!

– Dr. Paulette Bass, Port Huron, MI

Awesome material presented in the seminars, with tips I can use on Monday morning.  Excellent location and accomodations with beautiful scenery and beaches!

– Dr. John Loar, Dallas, TX

Nicely done! Very informative!

– Dr. Mike Helmbrecht, Fairbanks, AK

This was my third meeting attending…As always, the speakers are fabulous and very relevant.  Thank you for your hard work organizing this meeting

– Dr. Beatrice Criveanu, Chico, CA

Thank you for providing great course content, useable, valuable info in a World Class setting.  That combo can't be beat- anywhere!

– Dr. John Wilson, Rock Springs, WY

Great pearls of information in a paradise setting

– Dr. Alexandra Douvas, Chicago, IL

What an excellent group of unique topics & speakers!  My wife & I attended both weeks and thoroughly enjoyed both.  We'll be back again!

– Dr. Chris Manduzzi, Shelby Township, MI

Wonderful course!  I look forward to becoming a regular attendee!

– Dr. Jennifer Moran, San Jose, CA

Great Speakers & Material (5th time attendee)

– Dr. Nathan Ananthan, Brampton, ON CANADA

The combination of CE, accomodations and destination is UNBEATABLE

– Dr. David Fucinari, Bad Axe, MI

Courses were relevant and entertaining- almost made me forget about going to the pool!

– Dr. Mike Kinser, Middletown, OH

Great conference and beautiful location

– anonymous

I found this lecture to be very well organized and have very quality speakers  The facilities were top-notch and everything was handled very professionally!

– anonymous
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